Thursday, November 24, 2011

The blazer part 2

Hey everyone, I decide to show you an example of how I'd wear a Blazer: (part 2) Loving this bright coloured one from
See you soon sugars! xx Gabi

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Blazer (not just for schoo!l)

Hey everyone... I'm sure most of you are freezing with winter on your doorstep, and you all have no idea how to stay edgy and sleek without pulling out that old thermal sweater. But don't fear! I have a old trick in the book, the ever-classic "Blazer!".
The blazer has so many different options, styles and cuts. It can change any outfit immediatley!
As well as many different ways to wear them, my favourite is cropped with the sleeves rolled up; gives the vinatge but hard-core look.
Here are some great examples
The classic navy blue long blazer with brass accents can give a look a vintage but modern feel.

Any 'plain-jane' look can be style up using a bright blazer to give your look some life.

A classic white blazer can make any outfit dressed-up. Aswell as giving it a sleek cut.

There are many different style and looks for a blazer, In any pattern you like.

If you feel your outfit is too boring try adding a bright or patterned blazer, it gives any outfit a fun look, whithout going overboard and looking like a circus.

xxx stay sweet sugars! Gabi

Sunday, November 20, 2011

To the movies we go..

 Hey guys. well yesterday i went to go watch Breaking Dawn:) It was such a fantastic movie i think. and this is what i wore:
  • Jeans from Truworths which were R200=$25, 
  • a lace spaghetti top from Jay-Jays for R50=$6 
  • and a really awesome tank-top from meltz by Candy Rocket for R80=$9. 
  • along with a pair of grey pumps from Hang Ten for R100=$12. 
The top had a cute little pocket in the front like a shirt and an awesome decail of bedazzled angle wings at the back. Im in love with this Tee!

xx See you soon sugars! Gabi

Thursday, November 17, 2011

One of my favourite ways for spicing up an outfit are to add some Fun Leggings or Stockings. It can give an edgy, fun and a pop of colour to any look. Whether it be printed leggings or pattern stockings. They all look great! as long as you don't mix it with too many patterns with the rest of your outfit. Here are some great examples from Look Book:
 XX ta ta Sugars Gabi

Cherish Chanel

Cherish Chanel

Chanel cotton dress

Chanel silk sweater

Chanel fitted blouse

Chanel cream blouse

Chanel black sandals

Chanel lambskin handbag

Chanel tote bag
$1,450 -

Chanel jewelry

Chanel ring

Chanel jewelry

Chanel sunglasses

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gorgeous Graphics

Graphic Tees Trend

One of my personal favourite trends right now are the Graphic tee. There's so much variety and style that anyone would like. 
and definitely something for all styles. Here are just a few example of outfits you could wear!

XX Stay Sweet Sugars! Gabi <3

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strong as Hair...

Hey guys...

Just a thought...

Did you know that when your hair is wet, it's basically just as strong as aluminium!
It can hold one third of it's weight in absorbed moisture, and can be stretched as much as one and a half times it's original length!

:) Now you know, your hair is just as strong even when it's split!!

xx Sugar me timbers! :) Sam..

How to style: Knit Jerseys

Knit Jerseys Autumn style
Knit jerseys are the current trend for cold winter months, so besides keeping you snug It's one of the hottest fashion staples right now.
This image shows you 3 different looks for different styles on how to wear the knit, wool jersey.
There are so many options!
Just remember to keep the tones neutral or earth tones. Make sure it's not to baggy or tight because the perfect fit is very important.
And to give your outfit some colour add an accessory with a fall colour, such as: purples, maroons, oranges and reds.

Keep warm sugars
xx Cherriiblossom ♡♥♡

Monday, November 14, 2011

Trend spot: Printed Skirts

My new Printed skirt:)

from Mr. Price for R100 = $12.50

Life death and Beauty

I could die for chanel.
What are we doing in order to reach the ultimate beauty?
A LOT of DAMAGE for something that does not exist. Yes, princess Dianna and Few celebrities might seem like they have the beauty of a goddess, but even they had flaws.

 Today not many appreciate their looks, even I at times feel depressed with the reflection in the mirror, But would you go to the extremes? As we see So many stars getting botox, breast implants, and many other surgeries. I find it mind boggling that we are all obsessed with looking like the girl on the magazine cover, but the truth is "she doesn't exist". the handy photo shop is a supermodels best friend. It isn't natural to not have cellulite or veins or stretchmarks. So why try be supernatural?
We are, in the long term doing more worse than good, but where will it ever end? Or are we taking this plastic generation to seriously? 

xx come back soon sugars
cherriiblossom !!