Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beachy Feet

The Beach: is your natural pedicure.
walking barefoot in the sand might feel nice between your toes, but it also gives your feet the same treatment a top spa can do!

All the salt, small seashells and grainy sand help to scrub away dead skin, dirt and leave your feet soft and smooth (with the help of some moisturising cream afterwards). 
your toe nails benift too, you might not feel it, but the walking in the sand can file your nails into a natural smooth edged shape. 
Your heels, after walking on hard surfaces for most of the time can get hard and start cracking. this isn't very pretty! but from walking on the beach, the sand can scrub away the hard dead skin and leave it feeling like a baby's bum!

so if you think the beach is just for spotting some eye candy and treating your skin to for a tan, your wrong! and even though its getting colder make sure you take those early morning trips to the beach every once and awhile.

xx catch some sand ! sugars

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