Monday, November 14, 2011

Life death and Beauty

I could die for chanel.
What are we doing in order to reach the ultimate beauty?
A LOT of DAMAGE for something that does not exist. Yes, princess Dianna and Few celebrities might seem like they have the beauty of a goddess, but even they had flaws.

 Today not many appreciate their looks, even I at times feel depressed with the reflection in the mirror, But would you go to the extremes? As we see So many stars getting botox, breast implants, and many other surgeries. I find it mind boggling that we are all obsessed with looking like the girl on the magazine cover, but the truth is "she doesn't exist". the handy photo shop is a supermodels best friend. It isn't natural to not have cellulite or veins or stretchmarks. So why try be supernatural?
We are, in the long term doing more worse than good, but where will it ever end? Or are we taking this plastic generation to seriously? 

xx come back soon sugars
cherriiblossom !! 

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