Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to style: Knit Jerseys

Knit Jerseys Autumn style
Knit jerseys are the current trend for cold winter months, so besides keeping you snug It's one of the hottest fashion staples right now.
This image shows you 3 different looks for different styles on how to wear the knit, wool jersey.
There are so many options!
Just remember to keep the tones neutral or earth tones. Make sure it's not to baggy or tight because the perfect fit is very important.
And to give your outfit some colour add an accessory with a fall colour, such as: purples, maroons, oranges and reds.

Keep warm sugars
xx Cherriiblossom ♡♥♡

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  1. These jerseys look lovely! I love them! Add these to my list now!