Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Blazer (not just for schoo!l)

Hey everyone... I'm sure most of you are freezing with winter on your doorstep, and you all have no idea how to stay edgy and sleek without pulling out that old thermal sweater. But don't fear! I have a old trick in the book, the ever-classic "Blazer!".
The blazer has so many different options, styles and cuts. It can change any outfit immediatley!
As well as many different ways to wear them, my favourite is cropped with the sleeves rolled up; gives the vinatge but hard-core look.
Here are some great examples
The classic navy blue long blazer with brass accents can give a look a vintage but modern feel.

Any 'plain-jane' look can be style up using a bright blazer to give your look some life.

A classic white blazer can make any outfit dressed-up. Aswell as giving it a sleek cut.

There are many different style and looks for a blazer, In any pattern you like.

If you feel your outfit is too boring try adding a bright or patterned blazer, it gives any outfit a fun look, whithout going overboard and looking like a circus.

xxx stay sweet sugars! Gabi

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