Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nature walks and strolls on the beach...

Last Friday i went on a school trip with my class to Cape Point (Cape Town, South Africa) Which is the 2nd most southern-est tip of Africa and also where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet. With that description is sound beautiful, and it definitely is! We took an hour hike to get to the beach, where we found an amazing ship wreck and soft white sand.  On the left is some landscape pics i took on the hike. Yes it was awesome.

Now for what i wore: My cut-off jean shorts i got as a gift about a year ago were the perfect choice for the beach and my off shoulder graphic tee, loose fitting, comfortable and stylish. along with my new floral sneakers i found for a bargain (R49.99 = $6.99) My sneakers are really my new *it* shoe. And how can i forget, every beach trip needs a fabulous pair of sunglasses, so i borrowed my friends. the ray-ban styled purple and white snake skin pattern, i thought were the coolest pair of shades i had seen in a while! (R25 = $3) another bargain! My outfit was under $25, cheap chic, yes? :)

see you soon my sugars! xx

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